Skandiabanken chooses Bleed for rebranding


Skandiabanken has chosen Bleed as its main partner for the rebranding of its innovative all-digital bank. Developing a new name and graphic profile for the company will be focal points in the collaboration.

After a bureau pitch, Norway’s leading online bank has chosen the design studio Bleed as its partner to strengthen its position in the Norwegian market, change the company’s name, and develop a new graphic profile. 

Skandiabanken have ambitious aims for growth, and will be focusing on further developing and enhancing their standing in the Norwegian bank market – as an all-digital leading bank for day-to-day banking.

“There’s been little development in the product and user experience for Norwegian bank costumers in the past 15 years. Norwegian banks appear boringly similar to each other, and we know that when the new EU regulative enters into force in 2018, a range of new operators will market their services in the Norwegian market,” says director for Brand and Communication at Skandiabanken, Johnny Anderson.

Challenging the established banks is ingrained in Skandiabanken’s DNA. — Johnny Anderson, Director of Brand and Communication at Skandiabanken

"Challenging the established banks is ingrained in Skandiabanken’s DNA. This will continue as we offer simple, flexible services that answer to the customer’s needs. In the pitch competition, Bleed showed a thorough understanding for our brand, and had an approach to brand building that we really believe in. I am certain that together we will have the power to create a clear voice for the bank of the future", says Anderson.

Bleed were convincing throughout the competition due to the company’s strong understanding of identity, digital concept development and brand building. They have built a portfolio with great variation and high quality. 

“Skandiabanken is the most exciting company in the Norwegian financial sector today. We are proud of being chosen as a partner in strengthening and developing the bank that has the most pleased costumers in Norway”, says creative director in Bleed, Svein Haakon Lia.

Skandiabanken is the most exciting company in the Norwegian financial sector today. We are proud of being chosen as a partner in strengthening and developing the bank that has the most pleased costumers in Norway. — Svein Haakon Lia, Creative Director at Bleed

Skandiabanken used to be a part of Skandia, but broke out about a year ago and is now an independent Norwegian bank listed on the Norwegian stock exchange.

“We have spent this past year building an independent and flexible platform for the future. Our highly competent team of developers in Norway have been central in this work. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to evolve our bank services,” says Johnny Anderson, and continues:

“We are going to do more of what we believe in, which is a digital bank, free of fees and with smart solutions throughout. We are going to be even more explicit in our profile, more targeted in our communications, and will make our concept even better for our customers. Going forward, if we are going to retain our position as the bank with the most pleased customers, we need to continue to challenge and renew ourselves”, he says. 

In cooperation with Bleed, the communications bureau Apeland will also be a close collaborator in market insights and developing communications strategies for the new brand. Through their role as the Norwegian representative for Reputation Institute, Apeland have been measuring Skandiabanken’s standing over many years.

“Skandiabanken’s reputation and standing has been very impressive throughout the years we have measured the company. To get the opportunity to contribute to the bank’s continued effort to be the bank most Norwegians have good connotations to, as well as respect and admire, is an exciting communications task that we are very excited about”, says CEO of Apeland, Christian Apeland. 

“To us, it is important that our new profile will strengthen our concept as a day-to-day bank for Norwegians. We strive to continue to please our customers and attract new ones on the basis of being a reasonable service provider on day-to-day banking services with a platform that people like to use”, says Johnny Anderson.

The new profile and name will be presented in 2017.

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