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Visuelt. 2016
European Design Awards. 2016

I heard an airplane passing overhead. I wished I was on it

– Charles Bukowski

The brief

The PR agency Trigger came to Bleed seeking help to develop a visual style and technological platform for Norwegian Airlines and their new campaign concept Norwegian Taxi, where two taxies would be driving across the country to pick up random passengers, sending them on spontaneous free vacations to demonstrate how Norwegian are making popular travel destinations accessible for the smaller parts of the country.

Fig 1.

The campaign was divided into two cyclical steps, where at first a photographic hint was given as to where the taxi would appear the next day, and the participants would then have twenty-four hours to guess the location and prepare for its arrival. The second step would see the taxi driving around town, and participants could use a live map on norwegiantaxi.com to chase it down. As soon as the taxi's lamp went from yellow the green, the first person to the car would get a free trip for him and his friends.

Fig 2.
Fig 3.
Fig 4.
Fig 5.
Fig 6.
Fig 7.
Fig 8.
Finding the style

Each destination needed to have its own color scheme, a set of illustrative elements to build up a scenery, like a famous landmark or building, and a custom type to go with it.

Fig 9.
Fig 10.
Fig 11.
Fig 12.
Fig 13.
Fig 14.

In addition, we also developed a wide range of characters that could be merged into the different settings.

Fig 15.
Fig 16.
Fig 17.
Fig 18.
Fig 19.
Fig 20.
Fig 21.
Fig 22.
Fig 23.
Fig 24.
Fig 25.
Fig 26.
GPS Taxi Remote Control

To allow the taxies to communicate their position to the participants, and to be able to activate the second step of the competition, we needed to develop a small phone application that served as a remote for the driver. The app, in all its simplicity, would send updated GPS coordinates to the campaign site every five seconds and let the driver change status of the taxi between yellow, green and red, respectively meaning 'getting ready', 'taxi is available' and 'taxi is taken'.

Fig 27.
Fig 28.
Fig 29.
Fig 30.

A recording functionality was added to the remote to let the taxi driver record his trips by saving every change in latitude/longitude to a history file, allowing the winners to relive their taxi chase via Google Maps. The screen below displays the full trip that took two lucky people from Grünerløkka to Las Vegas:

Campaign site

Every trip was documented online with digital post cards containing images from the trip, a small article and a video of the journey.

Fig 31.
Fig 32.
Fig 33.
Fig 34.
Fig 35.
Fig 36.
Fig 37.
Fig 38.
Fig 39.

The campaign site brought together all the pieces of the work we had done, fusing together the illustrative components, characters and custom typography with the editorial layouts, live taxi maps and trip documentation from the participants of the competition.

Fig 40.
Fig 41.
Fig 42.
Fig 43.
Photo wall

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Fig 44.
Fig 45.
Fig 46.
Fig 47.
Fig 48.
Fig 49.
Fig 50.
Fig 51.
Fig 52.
Fig 53.

The campaign was very well received, and created a storm of enthusiasm on Norwegian's facebook pages, with a reach of 8.832.982, more than 1.4 million engagements on the related posts, and hundreds of people commenting and tagging their friends to come along and capture the taxies in their local areas. It also won a gold in the illustration category at Visuelt, the largest norwegian award for visual communication, with the jury describing it as follows:

Excellent execution and cleverly implemented. The illustrative expression is a super match for international air travel, with strong references to the flight poster tradition. The whole visual universe and its traveling characters has a strong visual identity and at the same time a graphical simplicity and illustrative richness in detail.
Fig 54.

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