Finders keepers

The new National Museum in Oslo is the largest in Northern Europe, with around 90 showrooms and 13,000 square meters of exhibition space. We helped them design an app to guide visitors to the new museum. With the app, anyone can plan their visit, lay out their route or dream away in the various rooms, no matter where they are.

Art & Culture
UX, UI, Wayfinding, digital identity

The National Museum of Oslo is the whole of Norway's collection for art and culture, and to make art accessible to everyone, each individual is part of the museum's vision. In the new app, an audio guide has been developed with routes and audio narrations about the art and the building itself, in addition to guides adapted for people with visual or hearing impairments.

Design is creative problem solving, and in the app, we combine the functional and user-friendly while at the same time safeguarding and promoting the National Museum's visual identity. When accessibility is the goal, the design must be intuitive, and with this app, you quickly get an overview of the museum, right down to individual rooms.