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Bleed is restless, intuitive, and contemplative. We defiantly question convention and the very definition of design.  Although always thinking — more importantly, we are always doing. Representing a mix of cultures and disciplines, creating strong and sustainable business value through strategy and design. With our eyes firmly set on the horizon, we continue to blur design, art, and technology to create compelling products, services and experiences for our clients.  

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Fig 2. Photo: Ina K. Andersen
Fig 3. Photo: Ina K. Andersen
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Svein Haakon Lia
Founding Partner / Creative Director

Founder of Bleed, designer, futurist, tastemaker.

With a passion for art and technology, Sveins artistic direction is always pushing the boundaries. He works for Bleed as creative director and senior designer and is one of the most award winning graphic designers in Scandinavia, leading for years when it comes to identity and interactive design. Active in the design community, his work has been featured in numerous design publications and in exhibitions all over the world.

+47 932 00 711
Dag Solhaug Laska
Founding Partner / Creative Director

Founder of Bleed, designer, brand specialist, connoisseur.

Dag has 20 years of experience in developing identities and visual profile applications. He creates outstanding solutions with an eye for the bigger picture. Dag has received a large number of Norwegian and international design awards and is Vice Chairman of the Board at Grafill – the Norwegian interest organization for visual communication. Dag is often invited to sit on the jury of prestigious design competitions.

+47 908 65 922
Kjell Reenskaug
Partner / Creative Director

Partner of Bleed, service- & interaction designer, strategist, thinker.

Always curious and questioning, Kjell is an expert for finding simple solutions for complex tasks. Kjell has 20 years of experience in interaction- and service design and design strategy. He holds a Master of Arts from Bournemouth University and Master of Management course from the Norwegian Business School combining design based innovation, brand development and product/service design. Awarded with numerous awards, Kjell is also giving a large number of lectures and masterclasses.

+47 951 69 105


Astrid Feldner
Design director / Head of Vienna office

Associate of Bleed, designer, food expert, conceptual thinker.

Astrid is leading the Bleed office in Vienna and has 10 years of experience with national and international clients. With a focus on conceptual thinking and big love for details and quality, she creates strong solutions for both traditional and digital surfaces. Astrid holds a degree in advertising design and a master in graphic design and new media from the University for Applied Arts Vienna. Astrid regularly holds lectures and workshops at design events or universities.

+43 650 6000 901

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