Exploring unchartered territories

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) assigned us to design the visual identity for it’s largest project ever — the Future Circular Collider. It is a circular particle accelerator (a huge round, underground machine) with a circumference of 100 kilometres. Their scientific mission is so massive and groundbreaking it can change the foundations of physics as we know it and expand the boundaries of human knowledge on its existence in the universe.

Science & technology
Indentity design

A journey to the beginning

Since its inception in 1954, the world-famous research organisation CERN has been behind several fundamental discoveries and inventions, such as the Higgs boson (known in the media as the “God Particle”) and the Internet (you know, the World Wide Web). Today, CERN operates the world’s largest particle accelerator, called the Large Hadron Collider, which is 27 kilometres in circumference. 

The new Future Circular Collider is five times bigger and six times more powerful, which is necessary to dive even deeper into the mystery that is the origin of the universe. It aims to chase after particles, energy fields and other new phenomena at higher levels, and potentially unravel the mysteries of dark matter; basically to get a closer understanding of “Everything".


Explaining the unknown

The main challenge of a project with this complexity is to communicate the groundbreaking scientific work and its worldwide relevance to a broad range of audience, be it, laymen or professionals. As a result, our design approach distils the complexity of FCC to its very core.

The concept is based on a simple question: The FCC might change the way we look at our world. What if we change the way we look at a simple circle? The circular shape of the collider is the visual base of the identity. By treating the movement with a simple change of perspective, we surprise the audience with new dimensions, shapes and insights. 

The new visual identity is key in communicating our vision for the next-generation particle collider. The smart design solution from Bleed provides us with the essential elements for establishing an open relationship between the international team at FCC and the different audiences.

— Panagiotis Charitos, Scientific information officer @FCCIS


The open circle

One of CERN's most important values is the sharing of knowledge; we wanted our visual concept to radiate openness and transparency. Results and outcomes are shared globally, enabling scientists and entrepreneurs in all kinds of fields to develop groundbreaking research, products and services. The open circle which transforms into waves of energy perfectly captures both the collaborative and explorative mindset of the scientists at CERN.


Matter matters

Based on the overall identity we drafted a set of useful tools for internal and external communication. Together with Terra Matter Factual Studios, who are responsible for the communication strategy, the new identity will unfold over the next months and years to come.