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Warner Music Norway is one of Norway's largest record companies. WMN represents a variety of artists from newly signed to legendary names in a variety of genres. After eight years of lack of follow-up and modernisation, WMN wanted to renew its digital channels and website.

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Digital design, UX, UI, art direction
Warner Music Norway

As traffic increasingly goes through social media and direct channels, this website is designed to clarify the interaction between all WMN's bindings - representation, distribution, booking, signing, event, etc.

In the process, we spent a lot of time streamlining Warner Music Norway's needs, and the emphasis on artists. The result is a set of building blocks that can be replaced and vary as needed. There are dedicated modules to promote artists, albums and events, with links to relevant playback devices. We wanted to clarify the Warner Music brand, while the project requires a design that communicates equally well to Anne Grete Preus (RIP) and Dua Lipa.

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