The soundtrack of Munch

What happens when four Norwegian bands take the challenge to interpret Munch art into their own kind of music? Together with Innovation Norway and the Munch Museum in Oslo, we ventured to find out.

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Concept development, direction, art direction 
Munchmuseet, Innovasjon Norge, Music Norway


Because we like diversity, we took the opportunity to choose artists that are as different in expression as Munch's different paintings. Matoma (here in collaboration with Ruben) is praised for uncompromisingly catchy hits, and 9 degrees north of his energetic folk. As an intriguing contrast, the band is among the leaders in black metal 1349, while Gundelach is characterized by its distinctive "Nordic noir" soundscape. Everyone put their soul in the interpretations, and the result is four films about the process.

The artists were free to choose from Munch's pictures. While some paintings had a special place in the heart of some, others focused on finding something that suited their theme and tones. The outcome is at most different songs that will contribute to the celebration when the new Munch Museum Lambda opens in Oslo in 2020, and which will follow international Munch exhibitions in cities such as Tokyo, Moscow, London and Beijing.

The new museum, designed by the renowned Spanish architectural firm Juan Herreros, will become an attraction in itself. In addition to housing Munch's works, there are also exciting contemporary exhibitions and other events in the house. The museum will contrast with the surrounding buildings, and the Oslo Fjord will be reflected in the large glass facade. The goal is for more to open their eyes to Edvard Munch's life's work. After all, he is one of the most influential and inspirational artists of all time - even among musicians

Munch + Gundelach

Munch + 1349

Munch + 9 Grader Nord

Munch + Matoma